Videoconferencing Initiative


As outlined in the 2012 and 2013 Economic Action Plans, Shared Services Canada (SSC) is improving the Government's videoconferencing (VC) capabilities in order to offer efficient, remote meeting alternatives and reduce the need to  travel.

The SSC-led videoconferencing service will not only contribute to reducing government travel costs, but will also improve work-life balance, increase communication, collaboration, productivity and security and cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Over the last two years, SSC has made significant progress on meeting the Government's and the Department's objectives for standardized videoconferencing services across partner organizations.

As of May 2014, SSC and 15 of our 43 partner organizations are now able to offer their employees a new videoconferencing (VC) service. Through this initiative, communications within the federal government and with Canadians will be enhanced.

The initiative leverages the existing videoconferencing capacity supporting departments and agencies across government by connecting these organizations to a shared service with features geared to ease of use for employees.

Over the coming year, more work will be done with other partner organizations so that they, too, can benefit from these services.