Fairness, transparency and value for money are achievable without being overly prescriptive or limiting collaboration with industry.

Such an outcomes-based procurement can be achieved within the scope of existing procurement guidelines and procedures.

An increased focus on outcomes-based procurement can provide opportunities for large firms to partner with innovative small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). We encourage highly skilled, experienced firms and Canadian SMEs to develop business and relationship models that support innovation.

On this page:

Guiding Principles

We use the following guiding principles for procurement:

  • Fairness, transparency, inclusiveness and integrity make up the foundation of our value system.
  • Market-based competition is the best vehicle to deliver the most efficient, effective and highest value solutions.
  • The current federal government policy framework governs our practices. (See Treasury Board Policy Suite.)
  • Portfolio and individual project risk is managed at all times.
  • Leading-edge innovation is an important determining factor in assessing alternative solutions.

Procurement Process

For information on the Procurement Process at SSC, please contact the Procurement and Vendor Relationship Branch at

Change in Standing Offer and Supply Arrangement Authority

As of September 1, 2015, SSC becomes the Standing Offer and Supply Arrangement Authority for the following:

  • Mass Storage Systems and Storage Area Network Standing Offer
  • Microcomputer Standing Offer
  • Videoconferencing Standing Offer
  • Document Scanners Standing Offer
  • Imaging Hardware Standing Offer
  • Managed Print Services Supply Arrangement
  • Networking Equipment Services
  • Vehicle Mounted Mobile Work Station Standing Offer

For more information, see the notice on Buy and Sell: Notification of change in Government of Canada Standing Offer and Supply Arrangement Authority.

Procure-to-Pay Portal

As of July 2016, Shared Services Canada (SSC) procurements are being initiated using the Procure-to-Pay (P2P) Portal

What is the P2P Portal?

The P2P Portal is a new system that electronically manages the procurement to payment processes. It is used to submit bids and invoices, and provides enhanced visibility into procurement activities within SSC. The Portal is part of SSC’s effort to transform business by streamlining the way we procure, pay and interact with suppliers. This innovative electronic procurement and payment system enables SSC to modernize business practices, to expedite processing and payment with suppliers, and to improve the end-to-end service delivery experience for our customers.

SSC will continue to post procurement opportunities on Buy and Sell. To bid on procurement opportunities within SSC, suppliers will be directed from Buy and Sell to the SSC P2P system.

Suppliers: What you need to do

Register for access to the P2P Portal by clicking “New Supplier? Register Now” on the home page of the Shared Services Canada: Procure to Pay Portal.

  • Existing contracts with SSC
    If you have existing contracts with SSC, follow the current process for invoice submission.
  • New SSC solicitations
    To submit bids and invoices related to new SSC solicitations, you must register with the P2P Portal.
  • Existing procurement vehicles
    Registering for P2P does not affect your use of existing procurement vehicles such as ProServices, Temporary Help Services, Task and Solutions Professional Services, or Task-Based Informatics Professional Services, nor does it require you to provide additional information related to these vehicles.

About the training

Supplier training is provided online through the P2P Portal (‘how-to’ documents and instructional videos), plus weekly interactive WebEx sessions that run through fall 2016. The WebEx sessions feature P2P Portal training demonstrations, followed by a question-and-answer period.

If you missed the formal WebEx training sessions – SSC is offering P2P tutoring/coaching sessions, to request a coaching session for your firm, contact the P2P Service Desk.

SSC will provide support as you learn and use the P2P Portal. To obtain support, contact the P2P Service Desk.