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  • Legislation

    Shared Services Canada Act – received Royal Assent on June 29, 2012

    Orders in Council – designated Shared Services Canada as a department, appointed our President, and transferred certain portions of Federal Public Administration

The Government of Canada created Shared Services Canada on August 4, 2011, to fundamentally transform how the Government manages its information technology (IT) infrastructure.

Shared Services Canada reports to Parliament through the Minister of Public Works and Government Services. We are mandated to deliver email, data centre and telecommunication services to 43 federal departments and agencies (Partner Organizations). Our department also provides other optional services to government departments and agencies on a cost-recovery basis. Our total budget for 2012-13 is approximately $1.7 billion (including revenue from cost-recovery services).

The creation of Shared Services Canada brought together people, technology resources and assets from the 43 federal departments and agencies to improve the efficiency, reliability and security of the Government's IT infrastructure. A more efficient use of technology will increase productivity across departments and will help build a more modern public service.

Our first priority is to maintain and improve the delivery of IT-infrastructure services while renewing the Government's aging IT infrastructure by:

  • moving the 43 federal departments and agencies to one consolidated, efficient, secure and modern email system.

We will-

  • work in partnership with key stakeholders;
  • adopt enterprise-wide approaches for managing IT infrastructure services; and
  • implement efficient and effective business management processes in support of our mandate.